Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler crowned Miss Universe 2013

Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler crowned Miss Universe 2013A 25 – year-old Venezuelan TV host Gabriella Isler , on Saturday ( early Sunday in Manila ) was crowned Miss Universe in a glittering ceremony in Moscow .

This is the moment Gabriela Isler is told she is Miss Universe 2013
The judges, including rock star Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, chose the winner from a total of 86 participants at the show, which is watched by millions of viewers around the world .
Miss Philippines, 24 – year-old Ariella Arida, was the third runner .
Last year’s winner Olivia Culpo is diamond crown on his head Isler , who wore a silver Rhine – studded evening dress.
Culpo previously appeared on stage in a white bathing suit section studded with diamonds , rubies and emeralds , which organizers said was worth $ 1,000,000.
” This swimsuit is traveling with an armed guard 24/7 ,” said co-host Thomas Roberts , an American television personality.
Isler is now set to pose in a bathing suit on the same Sunday.
Roberts, who co-hosted the finals with ex – Spice Girl Melanie Brown, the show dedicated to people affected by Typhoon ” Yolanda ” ( international name : Haiyan) in the Philippines.
” We send our best and our thoughts . We dedicate tonight’s show to you ,” he said .
All 86 participants originally appeared on the scene in red and black cocktail dresses . Then they turned into a red and black bikini.
The judges then narrowed to the final 16 contestants , who face off in a bikini round, with white fur stole .
Then the women were reduced to the final 10 , walked across the stage in a complex sequined evening dress.
The host country , Russia was eliminated immediately , prompting boos in the audience.