How to Lose Weight After Christmas! Weight Loss Tips

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT AFTER CHRISTMASDo you want to lose weight, that you somehow managed to get into the Christmas period ? Of course , there is nothing to do with the excess of pies and alcohol. It seems so innocent at the time, but as you tucked into your big Christmas dinner, then keep in mind that those second helpings will get you a few extra pounds and some research has shown that those extra pounds will be a depressing three months to change.How To Lose Weight In January

According to some studies MSN for Christmas lunch alone the average Brit feasted at 2:58 servings , consuming 2,300 calories per meal . This is a staggering 115% of the recommended daily intake for women and 92% of the recommended daily intake for women – and that’s before you take into account all the nuts chocolate and alcohol we consume .Why Can't I Eat Less Than 1,200 on My Diet,  Weight Loss Tips

The key to not gaining weight at Christmas there will be slow, you can enjoy a meal without going overboard and gaining weight . It’s all about moderation, which will help you to not gain weight at Christmas and starving after .Dieting after Christmas takes THREE MONTHS to lose excess

Any post-Christmas diet plans must be reasonable and balanced, otherwise they will not work , such as crash diets do not work, because it’s a quick fix , and they do not work because they are not balanced .

How to beat the holiday bulge question everyone is asking right now, but you should keep an eye on things . One part of the Christmas pudding with a touch of cream comes with 450 calories, these tasty little celebrations or heroes – people think they are so small , it does not count, but try totting up to 10 and they come in at 400 calories.

Get a pedometer :
the average person can burn 400 calories a day , walking 10,000 steps is about the same as one part of a Christmas pudding with cream. You may be surprised at how few steps you manage day – the average employee to3 , 000. The pedometer will show you how much you drive and encourage you to set goals and achievements , etc.
Get dancing :
Christmas get CDs to get up and dance with family and start, and with the new year fast approaching what better way to welcome him , but with a good old dance. Just one and a half hours of dancing burns 450 calories, so it is difficult to hit the dance floor .
Hit Sales: enough pace shopping – which means that walking around the main street trying on clothes and bags – burns up to 180 calories per hour. The more you buy the more heavy bags become and the more you burn. After two and a half hours you burned your Christmas pudding.