Easy Eye Makeup Tips And Tutorial For Girls

How To Apply Silver Eye Makeup TutorialAs you know, we are always after some such thing , which is associated with the modern fashion, as wedding dresses , mahndi design , eye makeup tutorial , Nail Art work , hijab tutorial, diamond jewelry and more.Natural Simple makeup Tutorial, Simple Eye Makeup tutorial
Now I’m here with a simple and stylish eye makeup with a pink black and gold colors . Pakistan and India’s Bridals or girls usually use different color makeup that is combined with their dresses, in different cases, especially in wedding ceremonies , college functions and parties, etc. make your views changed completely, but especially eye makeup changed your identity now a days various beauty salons and use the types of eye makeup is smoky. Arabic, dramatic styles of eye makeup , etc.Simple Eye Makeup tutorial

M here now with a simple eye makeup tutorial for girls and Bridals. In this article you can learn an easy way to make the eyes and then , and you can apply on your own eyes and your friends , you can learn how to apply makeup for your eyes.

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Step number 1:
Apply golden brown ( flicker) gently on the left half of the eye .

Step number 2 :
use a cloth or a soft, ribbon in the right corner of your eye , therefore , eye shadow can not fall towards the eye area. see how to apply it on your eyes .
use black and gently apply on your right corner of the eye and blend it very gently so golden color eye shadow can not mix with the black eye shadow .

Step number 3:
After applying black color, you have to apply the pink shade eye on the top rated eye , but do not spread very quickly. make it easy to apply it.

Step number 4 :
see how the pink coat the eye in the right direction.

Step number 5 :
Now you have to mix the shade gently. It should be a perfect match .
Now the fabric or tape should be removed from the surface of the skin to see its shape.

Step number 6 :
The last part of eye makeup to use Kajal Mascara and put on the eyes .

and then your eye is as follows . it is not beautiful appearance of your eyes ?
I hope that you will use this textbook for eye makeup .